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Ep 286 – Marco and Rodrigo Cedano: The Story of Tequila Tromba

As the first master distiller for Don Julio, Marco Cedano was just a man doing his job. As the element of celebrity has been attributed to master distillers now, his new Tequila, Tromba, brings him a whole new level of recognition. After a chance meeting with a few key Canadians, the new brand was born and his son Rodrigo became an essential piece of the plan. With astute business acumen and understanding of branding, the skills were aligned to produce a delicious Tequila. We talk about education, Texas BBQ, and quality methods.


  • Frank Tromba

    As you can see my last name is Tromba and I have always enjoyed tequila. Now I am so happy to see Tequila Tromba! This is very exciting for me and a lot of fun with my friends. I bought several bottles for my family and friend for the holidays.

    I was born May 15,1946 and I see that Mr. Cedano was born May 5 1951.
    I am very happy to see that this Tequila Tromba is available in the USA.
    Thank you to the Cedano family and I wish you all much success! Are there any shirts or hats available for sale?

    I used to drink Quervo before when I was younger but now I drink only Tequila Tromba straight with lime and salt!

    Frank Tromba

  • Marco Cedano

    Thanks Frank!!
    2 years after….. I saw your comments. Is great we are babe boomers….. I was born on May 9 1951, we can celebrate with Tromba from 9 to 15 ….. because you are Tromba!!
    Enjoy a shot because of that….. cheers!!!

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