Ep 291 – Graciela Angeles Carreño – The Real Thing

Graciela Angeles Carreño is one of the leading mezcaleras in the Mezcal world. As a subject of the new film Agave: Spirit of a Nation, her motherhood is explored and her incredible mezcal Real Minero is captured with a beautiful lens. However, as the category expands rapidly, and her visibility increases, what does a notable figure from Santa Catarina Minas do with this added level of fame? We chat motherhood, sustainability, acknowledgment, and more.


  • natalia casio

    i just want to say that the translation was fucking trash. I know spanish and it was so fucking annoying to hear the translation because their were things that Maria said that the translator did not even mention. And she failed to capture marias passion. next time just leave that shit out lmao

  • Luis A. Carreno

    I saw the documentary on a Mexican channel and it was great. Then I saw the name of the woman distiller and we have the same last name which is not very common. Would like to get in contact with Graciela Angeles Carreno.

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