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    Ep 274 – Shad Kvetko: The Secret Got Out

    Dallas has recently seen a nice influx of agave centric bars, but none have the heart and history like Las Almas Rotas. Shad Kvetko is a writer, a collector, and a passionate agave amigo. His deep passion for Southwest aesthetic, as having grown up in Arizona, changed the way he perceived his surroundings. Many tales late, after starting a semi-secret Mezcal club, a beautiful Mezcaleria, Las Almas Rotas, was born. We chat roadside attractions, Mezcal, cacti, and more.

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    Ep 272 – Jason Paul Cox: Using All of Your Senses

    The world of agave is constantly changing and without the efforts of Jason Paul Cox, this narrative wouldn’t be moving forward as boldly. After years of translating Spanish to English for those in need, a combination of emotionally gravity and worldly compassion changed Jason’s trajectory completely. A risky foray into food brought him to open the lauded Oaxacan culinary landmark El Destilado. The heavy focus on agave of the region naturally transitioned into the creation of Cinco Sentidos destilados de agaves. We chat empathy, entrepreneurialism, Puebla, and more.

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    Ep 270 – Aaron Kolitz: Mi Casa es Su Casa

    Aaron Kolitz has traveled around the world, sometimes cooking, sometimes sipping, but always learning. The San Antonio native has always been interested in education. And once the hospitality bug settled in, his ability to adapt and learn landed him gigs at various wonderful restaurants. Now as a brand ambassador for Casa Noble tequila, his kindness, interest in raw ingredients, and ability to connect with folks keeps propelling him forward. We chat shuttering a restaurant, top golf, and agave.

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    Ep 252 – Clayton Szczech: A Life on Tour

    Portland native Clayton Szczech leveraged writing, music, and civil service to the help the community around him. But as many stories twist and turn, (add disappointment with bureaucracy and a need for new horizons into the mix) Clayton found a new sense of purpose in agave spirits. Now the founder of such great curated tours like Experience Mezcal, and Experience Tequila, he is able to help invite people into the rich culture of Mexico. And to top it off he has also founded one of the only Tequila tasting bars in Jalisco, La Cata. We chat liberty, punk rock, agave sustainability, and more.