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    Ep 226 – Mark Rashap & Mike G: Another Interview Down

    Download Thanks to the generosity and quality of KOOP 91.7 radio Mark Rashap has been capturing the best personalities in the wine industry with his radio show Another Bottle Down and quickly become an institution of wine media in Texas. We recently sat down and chatted about our experience with podcasting , communication, and spirits. The resulting radio show is a great product of KOOP 91.7 and another interview down for both Mark and I. We chat calvados, therapy, and modern communication.  

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    Ep 224 – Emma Janzen: Tradition Inspiring Modern Journalism

    Emma Janzen has built her writing career on a passion for film, design, and flavors. Starting at the bottom of the newspaper totem pole at The Austin Statesman, an interesting opportunity to write about food emerged. This seemingly one off opportunity was the first entry into the bigger world of food and spirits. While residing as a digital editor for Imbibe Magazine, Emma Janzen pursued one of her long time passions, Mezcal. The resulting novel Mezcal: The History, Craft & Cocktails of the World’s Ultimate Artisanal Spirit explores the beautiful spirit with eloquence and a touch that only Emma could provide. We chat cider, San Antonio, tacos, and Tim Burton.  …

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    Ep 221 – Joseph Castillo: Building Your Career One Bottle at a Time

    DownloadJoseph Castillo is one of the hardest working men in booze business. From early days on the coast of Texas to serving some of the first craft cocktails in Austin, Joseph takes every new challenge in stride. From Angel’s Envy to Fireball, he manages to introduce the world to the next big thing. Now as one of front men of  Kimo Sabe Mezcal, which is the official Mezcal of SXSW 2018, will Joseph help catapult the Mezcalcategory into the stratosphere of being a household name.  We chat Zacatecas, catering, amateur acting, and entrepreneurialism.