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    Ep 223 – Jack Teeling: Bringing The Innovation of Ireland to the World

          Jack Teeling is one of the brightest and most ambitious entrepreneurs in Ireland. His family’s dedication to  Ireland and whiskey created the bold Teeling Whiskey distillery. A lifetime infused with financial calculations and exceptional business acumen built the perfect pedigree for Jack to achieve his biggest feat yet: constructing the first distillery in Dublin in over 125 years. Where does this legacy of whiskey continue and thrive? Does innovation have its place in a category known for the opposite? We chat SNES, fatherhood, shadows, and more.    

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    Ep 222 – Tim Herlihy: Keeping Eggs in Many Baskets

    The pride of Ireland, Mr Tim Herlihy, travels the US sharing drams of and education into Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey. This dream job takes him far from his roots in the Egg industry of Ireland but introduced Tim to his first big city environment, NYC. Many pub crawls and Irish coffees later, he loves shaking hands and kissing babies all the while sharing the beautiful tastes of Irish Whiskey. We chat WWF, black pudding, parades, and more.  

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    Ep 221 – Joseph Castillo: Building Your Career One Bottle at a Time

    DownloadJoseph Castillo is one of the hardest working men in booze business. From early days on the coast of Texas to serving some of the first craft cocktails in Austin, Joseph takes every new challenge in stride. From Angel’s Envy to Fireball, he manages to introduce the world to the next big thing. Now as one of front men of  Kimo Sabe Mezcal, which is the official Mezcal of SXSW 2018, will Joseph help catapult the Mezcalcategory into the stratosphere of being a household name.  We chat Zacatecas, catering, amateur acting, and entrepreneurialism.  

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    Ep 220 – Richard Paterson: 50 Years of Tasting and Smelling

    DownloadThe Dalmore’s Richard Paterson is one of the most revered men of the Scotch world. 51+ years working in all aspects of distillery production have given him one of the most decorated resumes in the world of Scotch. Richard has excelled in education, learning, and bringing a vibrant narrative to scotch tasting. His presentations are unforgettable, and his approach to engaging his audiences is equally brilliant showmanship. The “nose” is an artist, author, auteur, and consummate entertainer. What’s next after this illustrious Scotch career? We chat art, comedy, learning, and fatherhood.