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    Ep 272 – Jason Paul Cox: Using All of Your Senses

    The world of agave is constantly changing and without the efforts of Jason Paul Cox, this narrative wouldn’t be moving forward as boldly. After years of translating Spanish to English for those in need, a combination of emotionally gravity and worldly compassion changed Jason’s trajectory completely. A risky foray into food brought him to open the lauded Oaxacan culinary landmark El Destilado. The heavy focus on agave of the region naturally transitioned into the creation of Cinco Sentidos destilados de agaves. We chat empathy, entrepreneurialism, Puebla, and more.

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    Ep 264 – Lynnette Marrero: Fighting the Good Fight

    Lynnette Marrero has earned entry into the esteemed Tales of the Cocktail’s “Hall of Dames”; a loving moniker dedicated to the work of great women in the hospitality industry. Her interest in the human condition, art, music, and helping others has resulted in some of the best collaborations the hospitality industry has seen. For many women, the ability to compete in Speed Rack, one of Lynnette’s many project, is enlightening and introspective. Further, as an educator, Lynnette’s work unearths what might be otherwise the lost history of powerful women breaking boundaries in hospitality. What’s next? And where can we take inclusivity? We chat the 20’s, singing, Puerto Rico, and more.

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    Ep 257 – The Story of Nickel City

    The dynamic duo of Travis Tober and Brandon Hunt have created the modern legend of a bar Nickel City. At first apprehensive of one another, the 2 forged a long lasting relationship over a few Old Fashioned’s. Nickel City is the apex of hospitality and accessibility in the cocktail movement. With inexpensive food, rare whiskey, and an unparalleled staff, the Austin staple has quickly become one of the most lauded bars in the United States. But the only way to truly understand Nickel City is to sip a dram and enjoy a burger. Thanks to Travis and Brandon a monument to community thrives in East Austin.

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    Ep 253 -Nico Martini: Creating,Writing, and Cocktailing

    The man of many talents, Mr. Nico Martini has traversed numerous aspects of the marketing and academia industries, but his largest passion has stemmed from the modern cocktail movement. As the founder of marketing company Hypeworthy, and a co-founder of large event/mobile draught system technology Bar Draught, Nico has had many irons in the fire. However, his latest effort turned writer, Texas Cocktails chronicles the history of Texas cocktails and details some of the producers in this great state. With such an illustrious set of projects and achievements, what’s next? We talk heart issues, fatherhood, public speaking, and more.