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    Ep 274 – Shad Kvetko: The Secret Got Out

    Dallas has recently seen a nice influx of agave centric bars, but none have the heart and history like Las Almas Rotas. Shad Kvetko is a writer, a collector, and a passionate agave amigo. His deep passion for Southwest aesthetic, as having grown up in Arizona, changed the way he perceived his surroundings. Many tales late, after starting a semi-secret Mezcal club, a beautiful Mezcaleria, Las Almas Rotas, was born. We chat roadside attractions, Mezcal, cacti, and more.

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    Ep 254 – Amy Florez: Diverse Tastes Across Diverse Places

    Dalla’s Amy Flores started down the straight and accepted path of college and a “real” job. For some this is a fine and regular endeavor, but as Amy’s mind grew more creative and sought out more diverse experiences, a desk job just wasn’t enough. Enter Hospitality stage left, and then a connection between people, spirits, and stories enrich Amy’s life forever. After years behind the bar, time in distribution, and now as an educational liaison for Collectif 1806, Amy shares some of the finest Remy Cointreau products to the masses while conducting roundtable chats about insights with industry legends. We chat Bon Iver, Cognac, community college, and more.