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    Ep 269 – Nicole Austin: Dickel, the Next Frontier

    Nicole Austin brings a new breath into the world of whiskey. Former King’s County blender and project engineer, Nicole has a blend of science and art in her blood that is truly unique. Her understanding of chemistry and love of music managed to converge into the world of whiskey. Now with her highest profile role yet, the distillery manager for Cascade Hollow Distilling Company, how can she bring the delicious George Dickel back to the limelight. For some of us it never left, but the saturated world of whiskey leaves lots of work to be done. We chat hardcore, horse riding, and the new Dickel Bottle in Bond.

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    Ep 266 – Ewan Morgan: Sometimes Scotch is Stranger Than Fiction

    Diageo’s Scotch Expert Ewan Morgan has achieved many accolades across his 25+ year career in Scotch. But perhaps most important is that Ewan is a humble, good guy. Whether traveling, fishing, farming, or just exploring the world of distillation, Ewan has kept a level head about it all. Perhaps it’s the community of punk rock ideology, or maybe it’s a penchant for horror movies? Either way, his love of people and process makes him an encyclopedia of Scotch knowledge. We chat GOT, John Carpenter, Clynelish, and more.

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    Ep 251 – Jim Meehan: Writing the Manual on Success

    There are few more established and respected individuals in the hospitality industry than Jim Meehan. He has influenced a generation of bartenders with his cocktail havens PDT and Prairie School. His straight forward attitude and brilliant attention to detail make him one of the foremost cocktail experts in the industry. Now after an already successful career, he takes to writing his second book Meehan’s Bartender Manual and offers an in depth look at everything bartending. We chat watches, Smashing Pumpkins, relationship, and ore.