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    Ep 242 – Derek Posner: The Quintessential Man of Leisure

    Download   Whether you say lee-sure or leh-sure, Austin’s Derek Posner sets a great example on how to create balance in one’s life. Developing a brilliant work ethic at the early age of 16, Derek found his social calling and talent prosper in the hospitality industry. And after a short-lived stint in baseball, the decks aligned and proved that he was going to be a long term player in this massive industry. San Francisco promises started to run down and a fortuitous chapter in Austin began to emerge. Now, a few years in, Derek works for the beautiful innovative and terroir driven vodka, Grey Goose. With a suit and a…

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    Ep 213 – Mike Capoferri: The Bitter Truth

    Campari America’s lovable Mike Capoferri travels the states sharing the finest sips of Italian Amari’s and bringing his down to earth charm to every room he enters. A southern gentleman by trade, his interests and creativity converged in the hospitality industry. From Georgia to Los Angeles, Mike has been traversing across every role behind the bar. Now in his most visible, and impactful role yet, how do you help people fall in love with Italian amaris? We chat parents, free college, canons, and more.