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    Ep 265 – Jared Brown: A Celebrated Writer Walks Into a Bar….

    Jared Brown has been chronicling the world of spirits and bar culture for many decades. His efforts to bring understanding to cocktail culture, distillation, and overall “mixology” have resulted in publishing over 20 books on these subjects. But being an accomplished author wasn’t nearly enough, as Jared now works for the British Gin company Sipsmith; a delicious concoction actually made within the London city limits. We chat about craft distilleries, love, traveling, peace, and more.

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    Ep 253 -Nico Martini: Creating,Writing, and Cocktailing

    The man of many talents, Mr. Nico Martini has traversed numerous aspects of the marketing and academia industries, but his largest passion has stemmed from the modern cocktail movement. As the founder of marketing company Hypeworthy, and a co-founder of large event/mobile draught system technology Bar Draught, Nico has had many irons in the fire. However, his latest effort turned writer, Texas Cocktails chronicles the history of Texas cocktails and details some of the producers in this great state. With such an illustrious set of projects and achievements, what’s next? We talk heart issues, fatherhood, public speaking, and more.

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    Ep 211 – Kimberly Patton-Bragg: The Great Red Hope

        Kimberly Patton-Bragg, or KPB to most, is a creative and lively force in the cocktail scene. From days in New York acting, to a pursuit for the silver screen, her life has been anything but boring. KPB is an aspiring writer and Tiki fanatic who shares delicious drams in New Orleans. What does this incredible journey and life look like on the page however? We chat Duran Duran, Ted Bundy, Rum, and more…