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Ep 214 – Chris Morris: Competition and Composition in Houston

Hospitality veteran Chris Morris is a refined amalgam of music, academic insight, bitterness, and generosity. The Houston native emerged from small town Santa Fe , Tx with a developed mind for music and an eye destined for flavor. Years later, the trusted palette of Mr Morris has created Bittersmith Bitters and a lauded Regalo cocktail for Bacardi Legacy. We chat metal, devil-locks, language, and whiskey.

The Regalo Cocktail

1.5 oz Bacardi Carta Blanca

1.0 oz Mango Nectar

0.5 oz Simple Syrup

3-4 Medium Basil Leaves

1.5 oz Champagne

Muddle Basil w/syrup, build all but Champagne, shake, strain over ice, top with Champagne, garnish with Basil


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