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EP 234 – Eric Fry: The Soul of Guatemala




With an accounting degree in his pocket, and a guitar strapped to his back, Ilegal Mezcal’s Eric Fry trekked to Antigua without knowing exactly how it would impact his life. As an aspiring drummer in Athens, Alabama, he completed an accounting degree without exactly knowing why. But as the band fizzled out and wanderlust started to take root, Eric set off into the sunset. This journey led him to the beautiful Guatemala and ultimately to sit in as a quick-stop accountant for Cafe No Se’s Ilegal Mezcal Years later and a move to Texas, Eric shares the beauty of Ilegal Mezcal and has never seen a stranger. We chat drumming, Pink Floyd, agave, and more.

Two extra points:

  1. Please donate HERE to help the people of Guatemala in the wake of their volcanic tragedy.
  2. If you ever find yourself wanting to stay in Antigua, please contact for complimentary accomodations.

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