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    Ep 218 – Brian McCullough: Knocked Down But Never Out

    DownloadBrian McCullough is a southern man with southern sensibilities. His love of family and hospitality have injected an infectious vigor into the Dallas cocktail scene. Shaking hands, and smiling widely, Brian has seen Dallas transform into the hospitality haven that we see today. With numerous projects opening, and closing, where is Brian headed next? We talk about Maison Ferrand, fatherhood, failures, love, and of course MONSTER MAGNET.  

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    Ep 217 – Ashela Richardson: Rum is Connected to Everything

    Download Flor de Caña’s ambassador, Ashela Richardson is a well traveled, rum imbibed, ecological woman who understands that everything is connected somehow. From early days making visits to restaurants where her mother worked, Ashela acquired a familiarity with hospitality. Her travels led her to vacation in some of the most beautiful places in Central America and unbeknownst to her, a serendipitous relationship began to develop with Flor de Caña. We chat about The Aviary, food deserts, discrimination, and more.  

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    Ep 216 – Javi Gutierrez: From the Kitchen to the Shaker

    Download   San Antonio cocktail veteran Javi Gutierrez has seen all shapes and sizes in the hospitality industry. From a heavily engrained sense of community, sharing, and cooking in his mother’s kitchen to slinging delicious cocktails from the leading establishments in San Antonio, Javi has seen it all. But when a dream starts to shudder and one’s career needs a new turn, where do you go? We chat The Walking Dead, JP, Brooklynite, and more.    

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    I miss Hank Moody. I’m not sure why. He was a failure as a father, or at least a less than stellar father figure. He sought out and idealized a woman he met in his formative years as a drunken creative auteur. So after 7 seasons, why am I left with this feeling of loss and absence? I know the show ended in 2014, but I hobbled along like many others through the last season to see how our heroic drunk resolved his lifelong romantic ailments. As it turns out, things worked out comfortably. He secured the love of his life of which he had the rockiest of ups and…